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Whats our Story?

It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

We first opened our doors to our Watergate Bay venue in March 2016 offering a laid back, dog-loving and friendly environment with high quality food.

After our first successful year, we opened WAX Newquay as our second and newest venue, maintaining the environment but bringing a different style in the form of high class cocktails and a whole new menu in a bank themed setting.


Breakfast Served 8am - 11am
Food Served All Day
12 - 9 pm
Take Away Available


Most Important Meal Of The Day


  1. Breakfast Pizza

    £ 13

    Traditional Cornish breakfast served on a fresh stone baked base

  2. The Vault

    £ 9

    Broken eggs, chorizo sausage, Cornish bacon, spinach, mushrooms and cheese on toast

  3. Overnight Oats

    £ 7

    Healthy oats soaked overnight in fat-free yoghurt and topped with a mix of super berries

  4. Avocado On Toast

    £ 8

    Crushed avocado on toast with free-range poached eggs

  5. Pancakes

    £ 8

    Fluffy pancakes served with blueberries and maple syrup

  6. Eggs Benedict

    £ 8

    English muffin, hollandaise, poached eggs and roasted ham

  7. Eggs Royale

    £ 9

    English muffin, hollandaise, poached eggs and smoked salmon

  8. Eggs Florentine

    £ 7

    English muffin, hollandaise, poached eggs and spinach

  9. Eggs Kernow

    £ 9

    English muffin, hollandaise, poached eggs and Cornish hogs & black pudding

All Day Menu

Feeling Peckish?


  1. Feta Feast

    £ 11

    Caramelised onions, kale & feta with a balsamic glaze

  2. BRT

    £ 12

    Cornish bacon, rocket & sliced tomatoes

  3. Thai Chicken

    £ 12

    Thai infused chicken, beansprouts and fresh chilli

  4. Alfredo

    £ 12

    Chicken & mushrooms on a creamy cheese base

  5. Hawaiian

    £ 11

    Roasted ham hock, pineapple chunks & rocket

  6. Super Green

    £ 12

    Arugula, pesto, sliced radish & almonds

  7. Steak And Cheese

    £ 13

    Steak, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes on a barbecue sauce base

Little Tots Menu

  1. Cheese Tortellini Pasta

    £ 7

    Organic 3 – cheese filled pasta animal shapes in a tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan

  2. Mini Wax Burger

    £ 7

    Homemade Cornish beef burger in a bun with cheese & a side of skinny fries

  3. Grilled Chicken And Veg

    £ 7

    Grilled breasts of chicken, seasonal vegetables & new potatoes

  4. Cheese Pizza

    £ 6

    Fresh stone baked pizza


  1. The Vault Burger

    £ 13

    Homemade 6oz beef burger with crispy chorizo, baby gem, tomato, smoked braised onions, onion rings, Southern smoked ketchup & cheese

  2. WAX 2.0 Burger Melt

    £ 11

    Homemade 6oz ham burger with crispy bacon, baby gem, tomato, Tribute braised onions, onion rings, Bloody Mary ketchup & cheese

  3. Sweet & Sour Note

    £ 11

    Sweet potato, black bean and feta burger with baby gem, tomato, onion and sweet & sour ketchup

  4. Cornish Hot Dog

    £ 10

    Cornish made hot dog in a pretzel bun with Cornish Tribute Ale braised onions & chips


  1. Superfood salad & Soft Eggs

    £ 9

    Soft eggs with shaved parmesan + Roast ham £12 + Smoked salmon £13

  2. Lemon & Rocket Pasta Salad

    £ 10

    Cherry tomatoes, rocket & fresh pasta with a Scicilian lemon dressing + Chicken £13 + Smoked Salmon £13

  3. Rosemary Chicken Salad

    £ 12

    Rosemary chicken, crispy bacon, avocado & tomato salad

  4. Grape, Feta And Bacon Salad

    £ 11

    Red grapes, feta, crispy bacon & mixed lizard leaf with a creamy dijon dressing


  1. Rum Pineapple

    £ 6

    Rum poached pineapple with coconut gel & mango sorbet

  2. Beer – A – Misu

    £ 6

    Our twist on the classic Tiramisu made using Cornish Tribute Ale

  3. Avocado & Lime Cheesecake

    £ 5

    Avocado & lime cheesecake, served with coconut sorbet (gluten & dairy free)

  4. Chocolate Pot

    £ 6

    A decadent pot of chocolate served with shortbread, chantilly cream & berries

  5. Cornish Cheese Board

    £ 8

    Selection of Cornish cheeses with biscuits & chutney

Cocktails Served 12 - Late
Happy Hour 12 - 7 pm
On Managers Specials


Tasty Beverages


  1. Nickel & Dime Bar

    £ 7.50

    Bacardi Ocho, Mozart dark chocolate, Orgeat and cream This one is a gold bar in a glass. Creamy caramel flavours and a hint of chocolate

  2. Safety In Cucumbers

    £ 7.50

    Bombay Sapphire Gin, St Germaine Elderflower liquour, lemon and sugar served with strawberry and cucumber A refreshing summery Collins with smooth Bombay

  3. The ‘ATM’

    £ 8.50

    ( Absolutely Terrific Martini !) Whitley Neil blood orange vodka, Passoa, passion fruit puree, vanilla, fresh lemon and a passion fruit Prosecco chaser    

  4. In The Black

    £ 7.50

    ( Our twist on a Dark and Stormy ) Bacardi Carta Negra Rum & Fever-Tree ginger beer Profit from this spicy mix of flavours, Fevertree ginger beer layered with Black rum

  5. Run For The Border

    £ 8

    ( Frozen Margarita ) Chilli infused mescal Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, sugar, and a paprika salt rim Confuse the senses with this fancy frozen Margarita!

  6. The Honey Trap

    £ 7.50

    ( Whisky Sours ) Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Orange Blossom sugar syrup and lemon juice Sweetens you up… then hits you with the sour!

  7. The Investment Blanca

    £ 7.50

    Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, Briottet apricot liquour, Earl Grey syrup and lemon juice The ‘ Wax of Wall Street ‘, use your fun coupons on this one!  

  8. The Oreo Express Martini

    £ 7.50

    Curio Cacoa nib vodka, Conker cold brew coffee liquour, vanilla and espresso with an Oreo rim Smooth and rich, our espresso Martini is the perfect way to kick start the day, or round off your evening

  9. Absolutely Minted

    £ 7.50

    Finlandia vodka, sugar, freshly squeezed lime, mint & cucumber – simple & minty

  10. “Blow The Bloody Doors Off”

    £ 7.50

    Pepper infused vodka, basil syrup, lemon, Passata – spiced to request Light the fuse and run!

  11. Long Island Heist Tea

    £ 8

    Rum, Gin , Triple Sec , Tequila And Vodka with lemon and sugar layered on Coca Cola Will you leave with the loot?

  12. Gold Barman’s Mojito

    £ 7.50

    Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, lime and mint Whatever’s up the barman’s sleeve

  13. Frozen Asset Daiquiri

    £ 7.50

    Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, lime, sugar and assorted fruit A frozen classic

Christmas at WAX

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WAX Newquay - Christmas Party

Our Staff

The Friendliest People

Lee Gittins

Bar manager

Sam Cotton


Chris Jarrett

Cockatil Manager

What our Customers Say…

Had a great meal, chorizo burger and rosemary chicken salad quick, fresh and tasty. Cocktail excellent and friendly, knowledgeable staff, would recommend!
Well we ate here today, was yummy great venue, love the decor, children enjoyed the food & atmosphere too! Cocktails were amazing, barman even made me a mocktail it was fantastic! Will definitely be returning

Brilliant food, great location. Friendly staff and good service t. Chris the Barman is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to cocktails. He makes the best whiskey sour I have tried.
Had the pleasure of visiting Wax Newquay over the weekend - the new kid on the block, and the sister bar of Wax Watergate Bay. Warm, welcoming and passionate employees delivering a fresh innovative cocktail menu, amongst flavoursome foods. A great experience. Look forward to visiting you again soon - Mike.


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