1. The Vault Burger

    £ 13

    Homemade 6oz beef burger with crispy chorizo, baby gem, tomato, smoked braised onions, onion rings, Southern smoked ketchup & cheese

  2. WAX 2.0 Burger Melt

    £ 11

    Homemade 6oz ham burger with crispy bacon, baby gem, tomato, Tribute braised onions, onion rings, Bloody Mary ketchup & cheese

  3. Sweet & Sour Note

    £ 11

    Sweet potato, black bean and feta burger with baby gem, tomato, onion and sweet & sour ketchup

  4. Cornish Hot Dog

    £ 10

    Cornish made hot dog in a pretzel bun with Cornish Tribute Ale braised onions & chips

  5. Chicken Burger

    £ 12

    Lightly spiced chicken breast with crispy bacon, baby gem, tomato, pesto mayo & cheese

  6. Vegan Burger

    £ 12

    Sun-dried tomato and chickpea burger with baby gem, tomato & avocado